Build A Large Cat Condo For Your Pet

72-inch-cat-tree-condo-for-large-cats-or-kittens-faux-fur-tall-scratching-postIf space is what your cat craves for, give it. No not on your couch or bed. Yes your cat may like something soft and furry to sit on, but it can be its own space. A large cat condo, custom made by you, for your cat could be the perfect solution.

Wondering how to build one? Here are a few tips:

  • Use cardboard boxes of different shapes and sizes. Cats love it when they have a variety.
  • Recycle your old quilt or upholstery to give your cat a cozy and comfortable spot, to lie on.
  • Create multiple levels, so that they can climb up and down. If you have tubes, you can use them to build tunnels.
  • Cats love to climb. Create a ladder out of cardboard tubes or tree branches.
  • Give them a spot to perch upon and observe the activities around them. Cats are lazy creatures who can sit in one place and just watch.

You can also browse online for cat condo designs offered by different sellers and create something similar, at a fraction of the cost.

Is Uber A Threat To Traditional Black Taxis In Birmingham:

Uber cabs are becoming a great threat to the traditional black taxis in Birmingham. In recent years, there has been a reduction in the number of black taxis due to the technologically advanced Uber cabs where passengers are allowed to book cabs using their mobile application. The mobile application shows the location of the nearest taxis, details about the taxi driver and time taken to reach the customer’s place. Also, passengers are allowed to pre-book a cab from and make payment through debit/credit card. Most clients feel that these cabs are quicker in reaching destination compared to the traditional taxis.

Laminate Wood Flooring VS Engineered Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a purely man-made board of melamine and papers with desired printing. Engineered floorings have man made board or softwood with an actual timber bonded to its surface. Wood2U Ltd. is the best manufacturer, seller and service provider of this laminate wood flooring. Both floorings have edges that interlock to give smooth surface with an option to glue/click fix, leaving minute spaces to accommodate expansion according to weather changes. Laminate and engineered boards are stable than solid timber. But unlike engineered floorings, laminate cannot be re lacquered.

Bear Archery Encounter- Review

Bear Archery Encounter is nothing but a bow used by shooters for a powerful and efficient shoot. People who want to hunt without much effort go for this bear encounter bows. Beginners generally go for bows that are lighter, super powerful, small, shock proof, effective to draw and with high let off. All the qualities are not available with one type of bow but the bear bows offer the maximum of the above.

The design is very compact and perfectly suits tall archers. It comes with a wrist sling and a stabilizer which is perfect for any beginner. Such bows are governed by basic laws of physics. They have a modern design, usage of fancy technologies, and even fancy structure. The thicker the string, the more difficult it gets in pulling it. A bow`s efficiency depends on how much Kinetic Energy an arrow will carry. This quality is best fulfilled by the bear encounter bows.

Choose The Right Type Of Self-tapping Screw To Get The Best Result

Screws are part of almost everything we use. Be it furniture, machines or even toys; screws are part of everything. They come in different types, sizes and are made of different material. It is necessary that you choose the right type of screw for fastening of fixing two materials together.

In the vast selection of screws, one which is widely used is the self-tapping screw. It comes in different sizes and materials. When you drive these screws, they tap a hole on their own. You don’t need to drill a hole or anything to drive the screw into them. Thread & Threaded Inserts for Plastics, Wood, Metals and Composites are available from with free delivery.

They are further classified as thread-forming and thread-cutting. If you want to fasten two pieces of plastic, you should go for the thread-forming type. This type of screw typically deforms the plastic material and enters. Whereas, if you want to combine metal or wood, use a thread-cutting type. It would remove chunks of wood or metal to enter.

All about laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is medical procedure using intense pulsating beam of light, producing heat, damaging hair follicles and inhibiting future growth. Procedure doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal, but gives extended hair-free periods from several sittings and periodic maintenance treatments.

laser hair removal

Common areas treated are legs, armpits, upper-lip, bikini line etc except areas surrounding eyes. It is most effective for light skin and dark hair and not applicable to white, grey, red and blond hairs. Major risks involve irritation and pigmentation or blistering, scarring etc. which are temporary. Sydney and the laser hair removal industry tops in the world market. Make wise choice consulting certified doctor with experience; follow tips like avoiding sun, waxing etc. before and after procedure.

Role of hydraulic power pack in a hydraulic machine

Hydraulic machines work on the principle of converting the pressure in a pressurized liquid to a mechanical energy as in force and motion.

Hydraulic machines are used in different applications including manufacturing, moving objects, earth moving machines and material handling machines. If you want a demo ? Visit

The most important part of a hydraulic machine is called the “hydraulic power pack”. The centralized source of pressurized liquid is supplied from the power pack to the hydraulic actuators. The hydraulic power pack has the following:

1) A storage tank for the hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid is mainly a mineral oil, like lubricating oil.

2) A pump. A hydraulic pump is required to pump the oil from the tank and send it at high pressures to the outlet.

3) A motor, generally an electric motor with the required power to drive the pump

4) Valves – Valves of all kinds like pressure regulator valves, pressure relief valves, and direction control valves, flower control valves, etc.

5) All the extras that go into it like breather cum oil inlet, oil filter, heat exchangers, oil level indicator, tubes, interconnecting pipes and hoses.

The hydraulic machine is nothing without a hydraulic power pack which is the heart and soul of the hydraulic machine.